Come enjoy this exquisite community of like-minded women in rhythm and resonance with one another. On the first Saturday of each month, from 10:00am till noon, women from all around Central Oregon gather to Drum, Sing, Dance and Celebrate!

We continue to grow and expand our community of Heart-Centered women.  Who do you know that would love the experience of sharing the rhythm of her heart and to open up to meaningful conversation with like-minded SiStars? Please invite that special friend.  There are plenty of drums, shakers, rattles and tambourines to share.


Chaos Ripples by Sharona Latoue

Woman, you are too awake to play tame now.
You are expanding wildly within and your powerful ripple is causing havoc around you.
Your change has been noticed and causing distress for some.
Chaos is inevitable now you are shifting into your true being
It’s up to you: Will you choose the chaos or will the chaos choose you?
Both have the same outcome.
To drop you into BEing.
In alignment of you.
Will it be a fight for things to stay the same and draining you of your life force?
Or will it be uncomfortably surrendering into the liberating change the
Universe is conspiring to create for you?

Slowly but surely the drums that are playing in your soul will tremble
loose everything that no longer honors your highest truth.

You choose this path.
Walk it speaking your own voice
Radiantly dance into the night

Woman you are too awake.
Face your boundlessness and roam free.